Dressing For Your Body Type

All men were not created equal! Who ever said that we were, did not understand fashion or style. Our female counterparts have it much tougher than we do, many more shapes and curves to be aware of and try to accommodate or camouflage. But, this does not mean that we do not have to pay attention or understand the basics. Remember this also, fashion reflects to the clothing itself while the word style is the way in which you manage and coordinate the fashion that you wear. Just because something is indeed stylish does not always translate into something that you should include as part of your style. Your age, situation and body type play a major role.

Understanding your body and how to dress it to minimize your flaws and accentuate your positive attributes is serious to your good image. The true test in determining what to buy and wear is always clothing's fit. Just because something costs an arm and a leg does not mean that it fits you or your shape. Do not just buy things that you know are fashionable without analyzing weather or not it works for you.

There are 3 basic body types: Heavy, average and thin. There are also 3 height variations: Tall, average and short. The guy who is average in build and height has it pretty easy. You can wear just about anything and have it work for you. The key is to dress in clothing that fits you well. Garments should neither be too big nor too small. But if you do not fit into that category, we need to look at you and how you should be dressing or what you need to avoid in order to optimize your appearance.

Heavy Set:

· Avoid horizontal strips or patterns: If you have a belly or are a bit on the "teddy bear" side of things, avoid horizontal strips and patterns. Instead choose stripes or patterns that are vertical (top to bottom), a persons eye will follow the lines and it will give you the visual illusion of length and a slimmer build.

· Avoid pants with pleats or tapered legs: Pleats only ad extra fabric around your mid section and body. Tapered pants will cause the fabric of your pant leg to bundle at your ankle only causing you to look bulkier and larger than you are. Opt for the flat front straight leg pants. This will give you a slimmer appearance creating a straight line from your hip to your shoe.

· Avoid shoes that are bulky or overly square or round in shape: A bulky shoe gives the illusion of heft. Instead, choose foot wear that is sleek and stream lined. This will also give you a slimmer appearance

· No Large Prints or Patterns: Large prints or patterns only draw attention to your shape. By wearing shirts with a large pattern or print will only draw attention to your upper body and if you are tying to conceive your belly, this will only do the opposite. Choose prints and patterns that are small and discreet.

· No loud or ultra bold colors: Loud and bold colors or drastically contrasting tops and bottoms will only break the visual line of your body in half. This also will draw attention to your midsection. Instead go for a monochromatic color scheme. This will instantly make you look 15 pounds lighter and create a seamless line from your neck to your feet.

· Avoid turtle necks or crew neck shirts: This will only make you look heavier than you are. Instead go for a neck line that is more open such as a v-neck. This will make you look much better and extremely thinner.

Skinny and Tall:

· Stay away from vertical stripes: Vertical stripes will only make you look thinner. Choose shirts that have horizontal strips to give you the appearance of bulk. Horizontal stripes will make your shoulders and chest look larger.

· Wear fitted or tailored shirts: Large shirts with a square cut will only make you look like you are wearing a tent. Fitted shirts will create a great v shape and give you a more muscular look. To ad a little extra, wear a shirt underneath or layer overtop to add visual weight to your body.

· Choose lighter colors: All black or dark tones will only make you look skinnier than you are. Choose colors that are lighter in tone and extremely give you a heavier appearance.


· Avoid baggy pants: Baggy pants will only make you look shorter. Choose pants that are fitted or straight leg to give you the look or height.

· Avoid pleated and cuffed pants: Pleats and cuffs will break the visual line of your body and absolutely make you look short. Instead opt for flat front non pleated pants to ensure a clean crisp line from you waist to your feet.

· Wear pants that have a low rise: Rise returns to the distance between the bottom of your crotch and the top of your waist. Do not buy pants with a normal rise; Instead choose a pant that is designated as low rise. This will prevent a baggy or sagging crotch and give you the appearance of longer legs.

· Avoid large prints: Large prints will eat you up. Chose shirts and pants that are small in print to make you look taller.

By understanding and paying attention to your body shape and build is essential to you looking your best. The reality is that we are not all equal in terms of shape and height, but the way you dress and wear clothing will help bridge the gap.

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